donderdag 18 november 2010


In 2000, Ben & Jerry’s, the popular ice cream company, acquired the brand of Unilever Corporation. However, a lot of fans thought the company would lose ethical stance, but they were wrong.
Many costumers buy Ben & Jerry’s for their ethics. The company has a social responsibility. Ten years after they received the brand, Ben & Jerry’s is making plans to replace all the ingredients by fair trade products.
By 2013, the company will have changed the whole production of 121 different tastes, they will compose the products of Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Everything is mentioned in their “entire global flavour portfolio”. Ben & Jerry’s will collaborate with more than 27.000 farmers.  
The company already used some Fair Trade Certified ingredients. I agree entirely with Jerry Greenfield (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s) on what he says: “I felt that only going part way wasn't enough. I believe it's a question of simple fairness.” [1]
In my opinion, every company has to use Fair Trade Certified products. Using fair trade products is a good way to make sure that every farmer or producer gets a normal, fair price for their products, protects the employees so that they are no longer exploited,... I think it’s very important that everyone can work in good working conditions for a good and liveable remuneration. I don’t want to buy products that are made by employees that are exploited, and I hope they will change something about it !
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Group 5

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  1. Personally, I think this is a great initiative to wake up the more younger consumers about the fairtrade issues. It’s a brand that has proven to be very popular among teenagers these days and the youngsters who are now buying things like ice-cream and other sweets will be the future consumers who will have to manage a whole budget. So as I see it, this could definitely have a positive influence on the way people spend their income in the short run.

    Jules Branswyck – Group 5