maandag 15 november 2010

How deep is consumer demand for fair trade?

People all over the world realize that fair trade is an important issue that can not be ignored. This article gives us the answer to the following question: do customers really adapt their shopping behaviour?

According to survey, the answer clearly is yes! Despite the economic recession we are facing at the moment, the sales of Fair Trade Certified products continue to rise considerably. Due to the crisis, the growth slowed down but the sales of fair trade goods still increased by 10%, which is very remarkable.

This striking trend hasn’t been unnoticed by companies, who are all aware of the fact that fair trade could be the gap in the market they are all looking for. Selling fair trade products can provide salesmen a huge market advance.

We can conclude that this trend of growing sense of responsibility can entail nothing but advantages, as the group of socially-minded people has expanded from a few idealists to a very large group of consumers.

Bert Aelter – group 5

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I indeed think people consume in a more conscious way. They do find it important to buy fair trade products. But in most cases, fair trade products are equivalent to more expensive products. Sure, everyone is willing to purchase fair trade products, though not everyone can afford more expensive products.
    Everyone is affected by the crisis. I assumed people would think twice about how to spend their money and on what kind of products they would spend it. That’s why I am pleasantly surprised to see people do consume fair trade products in these difficult times. This is a clear sign that people are willing to contribute to the fight against poverty.

    Justine Bleuze – Group 5

  2. Justine has a point there, not everyone has the sources to buy fair trade products because they are more expensive. But it amazed me that in a period of crisis, the sales of fair trade products have increased. In a crisis, there are a lot of people who become unemployed. So they earn less than before and also can spend less. People are more attentive in what they should consume. So I’m afraid I can’t go along with your view.

    Lobke Callens - Group 5