maandag 29 november 2010


We all heard about fair trade coffee, wine, chocolate,... But have you ever thought there would be fair trade Vodka? It exist!

A non-profit making organisation, TransFair USA, recently launched FAIR.Vodka. The FAIR.Vodka is the first fair trade alcoholic product. You can buy a bottle for 35,00 USD in Bay Area stores and restaurants in America.

As Jean-Francois Daniel, co-founder of Fair Trade Spirits Company, said, fair trade products don’t give the farmers charity, but they get a liveable wage for their products so that they can invest. The alcoholic drink is made by Bolivian farmers. The FAIR.Vodka is a result of two years research by French chemicals, distillers.

The company also created another fair trade spirit: FAIR. Goji, a berry fruit liqueur. The liqueur is made by berries of the Himalaya. To make the liqueur, they extract the essence of the fruit.

It amazed me that fair trade spirits exist. But it is a good way, to give the producers (especially farmers) a liveable wage.

Lobke Callens
Group 5

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  1. In my opinion, this initiative deserves the greatest support. The vodka business isn’t a typical example of a ‘fair trade business’, and I don’t think many of the buyers really pay attention to the matter.

    By introducing fair trade in a new market, more people can get aware of the huge problems some people are facing. And the bigger the public's awareness, the better and faster solutions will be found. I also like the way the company thinks about fair trade. They don’t talk about just giving some money to the farmers now, they talk about giving the farmers a future.

    Bert Aelter