zondag 21 november 2010

Tompkins Point Clothing Is First Fair-Trade Certified Clothing Designer in USA

Most of the discussions about fair trade are situated in the food sector, people especially talk about coffee plantations. But fair trade deals with much more than just the alimentary sector. We should take a look at the general view of all businesses, so clothing can’t be forgotten.

Tompkins Point Clothing is a very good example of fair trade in the clothing business. Scott Leeder, the founder of this enterprise, grew up in New Jersey as a typical American citizen and he started his career at Wall Street. But suddenly, his life changed drastically when he accepted a job as chief financial officer at an organic trading company, which is settled  in Hyderabad, a town in India.

After having seen the living conditions at the farms, he decided to create a company with fair trade instead of benefits as main goal: Tompkins Point Clothing. The big difference with other companies is that he buys his sources directly from the farmers,  to be able to pay them a higher remuneration. This way of trading is a very good example how fair trade can be put in reality in almost every business.

But the company’s fair trade activities don’t stop there. Tompkins Point Clothing really invests in the future of the Indians with lots of initiatives, for example by funding the education of all their factory workers’ children.
Tompkins Point Clothing shows us how quality and fair trade can live equally together, and the enterprise sets an example every business should try to follow.

Bert Aelter

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  1. You are right, the food-industry is not the one and only industry which produces fair trade products. Also in the clothes industry, and other industries, there are too much employees underpaid and have to work in the worst working conditions you can imagine.
    In my opinion, there should exist more companies that produce fair trade clothes. People from developing countries who work in the clothing industry earn sometimes 1 EUR a day. That is not liveable!! I think there must be more rigorous control, so that every employee earns a legal salary. That is important for the development of the country and to give the poor people a better and more beautiful live. It is a very good idea of Scott Leeder to create a company that produces fair trade clothes and I hope there will be created more.

    Lobke Callens - Group 5