vrijdag 12 november 2010

Fair trade in Brazil

In Ceara, a state in the north-east of Brazil, there is another example that shows us how the beautiful theory of fair trade can be translated to reality. In the middle of a poor area, an organisation called World Vision helped local farmers and their families and gave them the opportunity to build a future.

World Vision taught them some modern techniques to multiply their harvest several times. But that is not the only thing the organisation did for these families. They also connected them with markets all over the world, especially in Europe. This results in two big benefits.  First, they enlarge their markets. As they can sell enough products to earn a decent living, they can specialize in one specific good instead of wasting their energy in growing different plants. The second advantage is that the prices foreign companies pay, go straight to the farmers. They earn a normal income for their job. And after all, that is what fair trade is about.

This project shows us how some organisations help people all over the world to get a better life, and these organisations should be supported as much as possible.

Bert Aelter – group 5

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is a great example of an individual project that really helps local people to earn a decent living and therefore escape poverty. Developing farmers yearn for our help and knowledge. That’s why companies not only have to sell the fair trade products so that farmers get a higher price for their products. But it’s also up to Western organisations to do a great effort to share technical knowledge with them. Consequently, they will also have the opportunity to develop their own techniques and infrastructure.

    Justine Bleuze – Group 5

  2. As Justine says, a great example of fairtrade put into practice. It clearly shows that the fairtrade system is so much more than just a charity but really focuses on the economic integration of the local producers.
    As I see it, this way of approaching poverty is the most effective way on the long run because you help them to set up a business which will provide an income and in consequence security.

    Jules Branswyck – Group 5