zondag 7 november 2010

Starbucks employees see the graft before the grind

Starbucks, the famous coffee business, has sent some European employees to Africa to work in the farms and co-operatives that provide the company coffee beans.

The main reason why they organized this project, is because they want to create a so-called emotional connection between their staff and its product. This initiative, however, has another asset: by seeing the hard work of farmers in undeveloped countries, the employees feel more connected with them. This connection makes sure that the staff will not only try to sell as many goods as possible, but it also makes sure that fair-trade stays one of Starbucks’ main goals.

According to me, this is a great initiative, one Starbucks can be proud of. It makes the whole company aware of the necessity of fair-trade. And as the employees who went to the farms, will share this special experience with their colleagues, fair-trade will become even more important.

Bert Aelter – group 5

2 opmerkingen:

  1. This is indeed a great initiative because you can’t stress enough that a company can only function well, when everyone is like-minded.

    You have to make sure that your staff really knows what business you’re in and which values you hold high as an organization. They have to believe in what they are selling and therefore I’m convinced that such an initiative will be beneficial for the company as well as for the employees themselves.

    Jules Branswyck - Group 5

  2. I couldn’t agree more.
    We always read about fair trade in the newspaper, and we kind of know what it’s all about. But the best way to find out about fair trade, is to let people experience it themselves.
    In this way, the staff will actually realize how much effort it takes for the developing countries to produce a basic product such as coffee.
    In my opinion, this experience will have a positive influence on the working attitude within the organisation. The employees will become more conscious of the product they are selling, and they will certainly share this unforgettable experience with their customers.

    Starbucks shows they are really concerned about making the coffee business a fair trade business. They set an example with this initiative. Now it’s up to the other companies to follow this great initiative.

    Justine Bleuze – Group 5